Extended Reality for Education and Research in Academia

About the initiative

XR ERA was created to promote closer collaboration in the field of extended reality (XR) in academia. It is a community-driven platform that connects people from educational and research institutes, industry, and other domains, both online and offline. XR ERA facilitate academics, institutes, and developing parties to share resources and knowledge. Our ultimate goal is to help create better XR experiences and ensure lasting impact.

Who we are

XR ERA is an open, independent platform that was founded in 2020 by the Centre for Innovation at Leiden University. By gathering input from our network, we form ideas, construct content and realize connections.

The practical realization of the platform is currently done by the Leiden Learning & Innovation Centre, the Centre for Innovation’s successor. External experts from within the XR community in the academic domain, such as universities from the EU, are regularly involved in ideation and consultation. The intention is to add more partners to the project so that ownership of the platform is shared between community members. We want the realization of new content and components extending the platform to become a shared practice.

Are you interested in becoming a partner? Don’t hesitate to get in touch through xrcommunity@llinc.leidenuniv.nl.

Meet our community team

At XR ERA, our vibrant community is at the heart of everything we do. We are grateful for the contributions and engagement from educators, researchers, students, and industry professionals who make our community thrive.

Pippa Brownlie

Pippa Brownlie

Community Manager

Our community is managed by Pippa, who brings her passion for XR and communication to fostering collaboration and innovation.  She is committed to ensuring that our community remains a supportive and dynamic space for everyone.

Pippa overesees organising regular meet-ups, developing social media presence, and writing blogs & newsletters. She keeps an eye on the latest developments concerning XR’s potential for education and is always keen to hear updates, thoughts, and ideas of those within the field. For any ideas or questions regarding XR ERA, reach out to her through xrcommunity@llinc.leidenuniv.nl .

Monika Theron

Monika Theron

Head of Relations and Partnerships

Monika contributes her expertise and experience by focusing on building and maintaining relationships with our external partners as well as inside our parent organization, Leiden University. Her efforts ensure that XR ERA continues to grow and benefit from strong collaborations within the industry.

Donna Schipper

Donna Schipper

Founding Member Liaison

As one of the original founders of the XR ERA community, Donna now assists Pippa and Monika mainly in the background. With expertise spanning web and XR development, UX and data analytics, she remains dedicated to supporting the community and ensuring its online presence and processes run smoothly.