Upcoming: Meetup #16 – The Role of Wearable Haptic Devices in XR

Date: April 6, 2022
Time: 16:00 – 17:00 CET
Location: Online

Guido Gioioso, co-founder of WEART and Ph.D. graduate in robotics at the University of Siena, will talk about the trajectory of his research team that evolved into WEART — a company that develops wearable devices designed for the digitization of the sense of touch. Guido will cover the foundations of cutaneous wearable haptic devices and how WEART leveraged its products to focus on XR education and training.

Headsets and glasses can transmit high-quality video content for XR, but full engagement with content in XR requires a practical and natural approach. WEART develops wearable haptic interfaces that enable a naturalistic and comfortable interaction with virtual objects and surfaces, allowing users to grasp, touch, feel, and manipulate content. Moreover, through the implementation of rich haptic feedback — a combination of forces, vibrations, and thermal cues — the experience is brought to a high level of realism.

Photo by J. Balla Photography on Unsplash

Photo from Weart

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