Upcoming: Meetup #12 – Christmas special | LaplandVR

Date: December 7, 2021

Time: 16:00 – 17:00 CET

Location: online

To celebrate this time of the year, Pierre-François Gerard and his colleagues from are inviting you to a virtual Lapland. This world came about last year following a dawning realization that the time-old tradition of visiting Santa was an impossibility. The experience was designed as a live performance where guests would have snowball fights, help Santa deliver presents, and explore his wintery home.

LaplandVR is a wonderful example of how WebXR can bring the joy of immersive experience to everyone. The virtual world can be experienced by both webbrowser and a VR device. Please join and experience our 12th XR ERA meetup.

We look forward to seeing you on the 7th of December at 16:00 CEST!

Presenters’ bios:

Pierre-Francois built his first 3D graphical interface as part of his master in architecture. A couple of decades of design, 3D visualisation and research later, with a PhD in Virtual Reality, he co-founded, a VR design studio with a focus on digital architecture. hosts regular virtual events, working with digital artists to display and sell their art pieces or NFTs. We also have explored the potential of live performances with actors, magicians and Tarot card readers. Along the way, we have developed a series of template galleries ready to host your event, portfolio or exhibition.

How to Join

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About the XR ERA Meetups

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